Berkeley Byways – country walks & Stroud District’s Local Plan

A guide to several country walks from Berkeley & Sharpness?  

Or info on Stroud’s Local Plan for 5,000+ new houses between Berkeley & Sharpness?

Then this page is for you!  

What’s the plan?  

Stroud District Council in conjunction with housing developers are intending to build over 5,500 new houses in the Berkeley, Sharpness & Wanswell area.  This will cover all the countryside between them.  It will be massive!

What’s the deal?

This very rural area will be transformed into an urban one.  There is NO guarantee of road upgrades, a rail link, new public services or local jobs.  In fact, some of those are actually looking very unlikely.  

The important Severn habitats for birds and fish are under threat.

What is Berkeley Byways?

Berkeley Byways is a new website created to help locals understand the huge scale of the development and its issues, to enjoy and walk the local countryside, and to be able to object to the plan.

The Local Plan is now in the final consultation stage.  The deadline to ‘respond’ is Wednesday 21st July 2021.  So very close now!

This is now the last chance for any of us to object.   Objecting is done by doing a ‘response’.  All responses will be passed to the Independent Planning Inspectorate.

What can I do?

It can be quick and easy to do a basic response.  Advice and further help should you need it are available by following a link below.

Please do a response as the more responses the better.  A few minutes of your time really could make a difference.  At least try and start one and see how it goes.

I can think of only one other thing that is so worth while for such a little investment in time and effort, and that is to tell someone you love them.  So why not do both!

The Berkeley Byways website is attractive and informative with great walks and loads of local scenery – so well worth a look.  

It has more information as follows:

Berkeley Byways’ home page with info, walks, links, guide etc


How to Respond – a simple way – a guide by Berkeley Byways