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About Berkness

Berkness is the name of this website.  Berkness is also the name I have given to the rural area of Berkeley and Sharpness, including the surrounding countryside, hamlets and smaller villages such as Purton, and the local stretch of the Severn estuary.

I cannot imagine there is any other locality this small – or even much larger – which could provide so much inspiration for a wide variety of topics.  Here in Berkness, we have so much in the way of the natural environment and heritage.  And of course, there is the community and its goings-on.  It really is an area like no other.

I first developed this Berkness website during the lockdown of 2020 and am aiming to keep it growing by adding 4 or 5 new articles each month.

The content will expand to include anything with a local connection.  Much of the content will naturally have an environmental twist and encourage others to enjoy nature and the local heritage.

This website is a hobby and is written with the local community in mind.  It is not a business and is not aimed at tourists.  I hope you enjoy looking through the site and will visit again.  Why not add it to your favourites?

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Suggestions, Comment, Ideas, Contributions

Please do contact Berkness should you have any of the following of local interest:

  • Club, course, event, performance, campaign or similar
  • Local news story
  • Suggestion for topic or article
  • Comment on content
  • Written content – article or a letter
  • Photo, painting or drawing
  • Environmental topic (could be regional eg Stroud DC or Glos CC)
  • I am particularly keen to add old photos of the area and its ‘happenings‘.

I would be delighted to receive correspondence and will reply to you.

Contact Berkness

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Berkness Privacy Policy

This website is https://www.berkness.co.uk or https://berkness.co.uk

The aim here is to keep data collection and processing to the minimum practically possible.  Although this is just a hobby website, the intention is that it is GDPR compliant.


At present, this website does not use any cookies which require your permission.  Hence why you saw no cookie prompt.

The website does not carry third party advertising or gather any personal data for tracking or marketing purposes.  Berkness does not intend to gather such data but should social media or other third party services be added in the future, such cookies may then be unavoidable and a cookie prompt will be added.

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