Amber loves Sarah’s Field

I’m Amber and here I am at the grand age of 17.  That is pretty old for a big dog, especially as I am half Alsatian.  I am also a quarter greyhound and a quarter unknown.  

When I was about 1 year old, I was found abandoned – but life has been very good to me since.  For 16 years, my many brilliant holidays have been spent in the Berkeley area with my auntie and uncle – and I absolutely love the place!

Everyone was convinced in 2017 – then again in 2018 – that it would be my last visit.  But I just kept on going and keep coming back…

Here are just a handful of my holiday snaps from Summer 2019.

P.S.  My tail now dangles but that is just my age – I am still really enjoying my holiday.

Things were very quiet at the Mariner’s Arms...

My long time favourite two walks are by the Little Avon and along the Severn Way.

I just adore swimming and very muddy puddles.

I am also crazy about chasing sticks, and have enjoyed a life-long love affair with tennis balls.

But I had to give up my mad running some time ago – and now my legs are not even strong enough to climb down to the river.

Luckily I discovered some really interesting new places... Sarah’s Field with grassy paths and smelly places - very intriguing !

We came to a pond sparkling in the sunlight and I watched eagerly as dragonflies danced over its surface.

The temptation was just too great, and I made a surprise sideways dash for the water...

...but my attempt was foiled by a weed catching hold of my lead - grrr !

That was just as well because we are not to disturb the wildlife and ‘apparently’ I smell pretty whiffy after swimming.  I then refuse to go near any clean water for a wash.

What‘s going on ‘ear then ?

Is it?

  • Those trees are taking the micky out of me
  • I am posing as a pair of trees
  • Big dogs with huge shaggy ears are coming over the hill

Answer:  None of the above – I’m just a dog standing in a field

There is one thing that I still do really well....

....and it’s stinky poo !

It would break my heart should we doggies not be allowed into Sarah’s Field.  So it is essential that our walkers pick up all our waste and also ensure we don’t disturb the ponds and wildlife.

That’s enough for now folks. I hope my holiday memories gave you a smile 🙂

Note added by a human:

Sarah’s Field was given to the local community just a few years ago by Mrs Pamela Angela Thorpe.  It is named after her grandmother who kept horses in it.  Since then, some local people have worked hard to turn it into a brilliant nature and wildlife place with two ponds.  Many thanks go to them all.  The field is on Lynch Road.  From the Mariner’s Arms or Boar’s Head, go west down the hill and the field gate is on the north side of the road.