Berkeley Sherlock Stroll – trail & quiz photos

The Berkeley Sherlock Stroll can be enjoyed any season as it follows paved or gravelled paths around the town’s heritage conservation area.  

How observant can you be?  Take a stroll through historic Berkeley and spot features and curious details that you would normally miss.

Berkness has created a short trail of 7 rainbow coded sections.  We start with ‘red’ at the top of the High Street and end with ‘violet’ in Jumpers Lane.  These can be seen on the trail map below.

Below the map, for each rainbow coloured section there is a collage of 4 numbered photos for you to identify.  The trail can be done in one outing or in stages in any order.

PHONE TIP:   The photos on this page have been optimised for fast download but it is a good idea to open this page on your phone web browser before setting out from home.

PRINTOUT:   If you prefer to use a printout rather than a mobile phone, you can download a large, print quality collage of all the trail photos including the map from here:   Print quality collage for Berkeley Sherlock Stroll

Trail route & rainbow sections...

Berkeley satellite image: ©2021 Google - Imagery ©2021 Infoterra Ltd & Bluesky, Maxar Technologies, Getmapping plc

Start outside The Perfect Blend coffee shop at the top of the High Street and finish in Jumpers Lane – distance about 1km including backtracking.  Distance including return to top of the High Street is just under one mile.

Normal eyesight will be plenty good enough and there is no need to step off the paved or gravelled areas.  But if you find all the curiosities you can quite rightly say, “Just call me Sherlock”.

If you are doing this before or on 18 April 2021 and find at least half the curiosities, you can enter to win a prize.   All you need to do is email Berkness a numbered list of where or what each photo is.   For full details, see the Berkness page  Berkeley Spring Sherlock Stroll 2021

TOP CLUE:   The numbered photos below are in the order that they occur on the trail.  So that narrows down where to look should you find that you have missed one.

Good luck and enjoy!

RED - top of High Street (east side) to corner with Church Lane

ORANGE - Church Lane past Jenner Museum to church gate

YELLOW - church tower to porch then west door of church

GREEN - castle rear entrance back through churchyard to church tower

BLUE - church tower to rear of Jenner Museum & walled garden

INDIGO - back to church gate then down rest of Church Lane and lower High Street

VIOLET - bridge over the Pill then left down Jumpers Lane

Any queries, please feel free to contact Berkness.

Have fun!